MARK JEFFREY MILLER                                     Personal contact: 919.923.6275
SAG                                                                     ARA: Rusty 336.349.6167

5'11", hazel eyes, dark brown hair
website:                       (All Principle roles)

JUSTIN AMERICA                                                 John Shimke
ADRENALINE                                                       Alex Chatfield             
KILLING WINSTON JONES                                   Joel David Moore      
REVOLUTION                                                       Felix Alcala
JUSTIN AMERICA                                                 John Shimke
AN AMERICAN IN HOLLYWOOD                          Sai Varadan. V-Twinz Productions
PLASTIC JESUS                                                   Erica Dunton, To.Get.Her Productions
BLOODWORTH                                                   Shane Dax Taylor, Brown/Burke/Taylor
BOLDEN!                                                             Dan Pritzker, King Bolden/Wynton Marsalis
6 GUN                                                                  Hebron Simickes-Joffee, Independent
DANNY CALDWELL GOES TO HELL                  Ben Lupinetti, Independent
DEATH SENTENCE                                             James Wan, 20th Century Fox
WALKER PAYNE                                                 Matt Williams, Wind Dancer
COLD MOUNTAIN                                                Anthony Minghella, Miramax
RUNAWAY JURY                                                 Gary Fleder, New Regency
THE PATRIOT                                                     Roland Emmerich, Columbia Pictures
DIVINE SECRETS YA-YA SISTERHOOD             Callie Khouri, Warner Bros.
OCTOBER SKY                                                   Joe Johnston, Universal Pictures
THE BLACK KNIGHT                                           Gil Junger, 20th Century Fox
THE EDUCATION OF LITTLE TREE                    Richard Friedenberg, Paramount Pictures
THIS WORLD, THEN THE FIREWORKS              Michael Oblowitz, Largo Entertainment
THE ROAD TO WELLVILLE                                 Alan Parker, Columbia Pictures
RADIOLAND MURDERS                                      Mel Smith, Lucasfilm
THE HUDSUCKER PROXY                                  Joel Cohen, Warner Bros.
SUPER MARIO BROS.                                         Annebel Jankel/Rocky Morton, Buena Vista
LOVE FIELD                                                        Jonathan Kaplan, Orion Pictures
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES                  Steve Barron, New Line Cinema
MISSISSIPPI BURNING                                         Alan Parker, Orion Pictures
BULL DURHAM                                                    Ron Shelton, Orion Pictures

Television/ Episodic
SLEEPY HOLLOW                                               FOX Guest Star                                                                                
STAR-CROSSED                                                CW Recurring                      
REVOLUTION                                                      NBC Guest Star
8.13                                                                     Web Guest Star
ONE TREE HILL                                                  CW Co-star
SURFACE                                                           NBC Co-star
MATLOCK                                                           NBC, ABC Recurring
LEGACY                                                              UPN Guest star
TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL                                    CBS Co-star
SPARKS                                                              Syndicated Series Regular

Movies of the Week/Mini Series
JOHN ADAMS                                                      Tom Hooper, HBO Films
THE LOTTERY                                                    Daniel Sackheim, NBC
GRAMPS                                                             Bradford May, NBC
DARE TO LOVE                                                  Armand Mastroianni, CBS
MURDEROUS INTENT                                        Gregory Goodel, CBS
TWILIGHT MAN                                                   Craig R. Baxley, STARZ
AGAINST HER WILL: CARRlE BUCK STORY     John David Coles, Lifetime
LAST MAFIA MARRIAGE                                    John Patterson, CBS
DEATH IN SMALL DOSES                                  Sondra Locke, ABC
NIGHTMARE IN COLUMBIA COUNTY                 Roger Young, CBS
GOLDEN YEARS                                                Allen Coulter, CBS
VESTIGE OF HONOR                                         Jerry London, CBS
THE LOST CAPONE                                           John Gray, TNT Productions
TERROR ON HIGHWAY 91                                 Jerry Jameson, CBS
THE RYAN WHITE STORY                                 John Herzfeld, ABC
TOO YOUNG THE HERO                                    Buzz Kulik, CBS

WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? – George  Party Girl! Prod., NC
THREE SISTERS – Veshinin  Manbites Dog, NC
OLEANNA – John  Common Ground, NC
WAITING FOR GODOT – Vladimir  ArtsCenter, NC
THE CHERRY ORCHARD - Lead, Gaev  Oasis Theater Co. Los Angeles
THREE SISTERS - Lead, Veshinin  Manbites Dog, NC
WAITING FOR GODOT - Lead, Vladimir  ArtsCenter, NC  
HEDDA GABLER - Lead, Judge Brack  Deep Dish Theater, NC

Dialects: Stnd. American, Southern, British RP, Cockney, German, Indian, Japanese, Russian, Bronx, Boston.
Training: Joan Darling, AFI, ActNow!, Meisner (John Allore), NIT, Chicago City Limits, Christopher Smith.
Skills: Improv, subliminalist, (great face) accents, cartoon voices and sound effects, fry cook, (fine actor) song stylist,
yoga, Yo-Yo (Ma)ster, paddleball, tops, (must have him!) whistler, poet, archer, swimmer and Granfalooner
Mark Jeffrey Miller